Accessibility symbol - wheelchair user

The entrance to the church, and the downstairs floors are level. There is an accessible toilet. We try to make our building as accessible as possible but there are some limitations to be noted.

Chairlift in use The worship area is upstairs but can be reached by a chairlift.

Once upstairs there is accessible seating and space for wheelchairs level with the top of the chairlift; however, there are a few steps down to the main floor level of the worship area.  Help is available to use the chairlift and take wheelchairs and mobility aids up and down the stairs.

Hearing loop sign A hearing loop system is used in the worship area.

Many of the hymns and prayers are projected onto a large screen. Where possible, orders of service and newsletters are available in large print. There are large print hymnbooks.

Car parking is very limited. There is room for 3 cars at the side of the church.