Worship, prayer & Bible study

Sunday morning worship is suspended throughout November.

Sunday 13th December 10.15 Holy communion led by Rev. Fran Rhys

Sunday 20th December 8.45 Bible breakfast via Zoom – e-mail for zoom link

Friday 25th December 10.15 Christmas Day worship led by Miriam Stevenson


Sunday 10th January 2021 10.15 Covenant service including Holy Communion led by Rev. Fran Rhys

Sunday 24th January 10.15 Morning worship led by the local worship team

Bible breakfast is held via Zoom on the third Sunday of the month at 8.45 am. We read a short Bible passage and discuss what it means to us.

Junior Church is not able to start yet but children are welcome to attend the 10.15 worship with theirs parents or carers. Services will be shorter and will be family-friendly.